Nature. Sports. Culture.


A triangle of joy, that Arcadian trails is all about!

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Experience beautiful, unspoiled areas of Greece, while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

Just like you, there's nothing we love more than walking, trekking, hiking, running, cycling, downhill biking, rafting or climbing.


Take advantage of our knowledge, as Marathon runners, our organizational efficiency and passion and let's start together a co-operation of joy


No-hassle. No-worries.

  • Run, play, learn, try, feel your breath, love, enjoy, take the chance, break the couch, join us! 

  • We are the majority; more follow.  You love more, what you know better. 

  • Look at the beautiful pictures around you, to make your inner picture beautiful.

the march
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You love more what you know best (Pedro Olalla) !

Why Greece?
An intriguing question for many people. The answer? Special to each one!
- May be the vision of a feasible bliss.The vague and evocative portrait
of a place where people feel that they belong.
- May be the myth and the history of this land that take part in a race
  in favor of human beings and culture.