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A triangle of joy, that Arcadian trails is all about!

Choose your preferred cost effective Tour.

We take care of the rest.


Experience beautiful, unspoiled areas of Greece, while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

Just like you, there's nothing we love more than walking, trekking, hiking, running, cycling, downhill biking, rafting or climbing.


Take advantage of our knowledge, as Marathon runners, our organizational efficiency and passion and let's start together a co-operation of joy


No-hassle. No-worries.

  • Run, play, learn, try, feel your breath, love, enjoy, take the chance, break the couch, join us! 

  • We are the majority; more follow.  You love more, what you know better. 

  • Look at the beautiful pictures around you, to make your inner picture beautiful.

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About Us

Who we are

We are a well organized team of experienced people with deep knowledge of our country, its culture, its history, its traditions and particularities. We are also aware of its natural beauties and we love sports.   The combination of all this, is what we want to offer, in the best possible way, to the visitors of our country and its inhabitants. We want to reveal to you all the, often hidden, cultural and natural treasures of Greece. And since the saying "healthy mind in a healthy body" was born in this country, we offer a taste of our culture through sports activities and tours.

In this spirit, we have prepared for you, touring and athletic activity “proposals” around the enchanting destinations of Greece. It is worth mentioning that for the optimum service, we have the ability to incorporate in every “proposal” certain habits or characteristics that you might have.

And one step further for those of you who have already dreamed or planned a tour that falls within our specialty. We are here for any recommendations you may need for a better organization and support, satisfying, thus, your personal options.

To what we owe our name

In our era, more than ever, we must defeat the weakness, the laziness, as well as the stress that modern lifestyle causes. How to achieve that, may be simpler than we think. Back to the “Arcadian Ideal”: Back to core values ​​of physical life. Back to where “bliss” becomes attainable. Unconditional surrender on simplicity, on "all in good measure" that does not allow the imposition of human to nature. Back to the joy of success that derives from the "fair play" and not from the “trophy”.

The Arcadian ideal, born on the land of Arcadia, is widespread in our country. For us, the people of Arcadian Trails, is a passion, an inner flame and we want others to feel it as well.

We invite you to walk together along its paths