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GREECE! "off the beaten track”


 First day
  Arrival at the “El. Venizelos” airport of “Athens” 
  (Please note that visitors from the U.S.A., Canada or Asia, should depart from their country one day in advance; i.e. Wednesday)
  Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel – check in.
  Rest of the day and afternoon, free.
  19:00  Early dinner (you will be informed on the venue at a later stage)
  20:30 Night sightseeing tour of Athens’s major attractions and transfer back to the hotel around 22:30.
 Second day
  09:30 Guided visit of the “National Archaeological Museum”. Start learning Greece’s  vast history by admiring  the exhibits of its biggest museum,  one of the most important  in the world. The exhibits cover a  large    chronological and geographical span  offering samples from  many different periods and places of Greece. Relax offering  yourself a  coffee or a refreshment at the cafee of the garden that surrounds the  museum. You  need it, as next stop is at.
  12:30 Guided visit of the “Acropolis”. A “must see” for all visitors of the city of Athens.
  14:00 Traditional dishes’ lunch in one of the restaurants of “Plaka”, the oldest  neighborhood of Athens  under the holy rock of Acropolis.
 We suggest you stroll around the picturesque streets of Plaka, before going back to  your Hotel to refresh.
  19:00 Guided visit of the new “Acropolis Museum”
  21:00 Dinner at the restaurant of the Museum, overlooking the 2.500 years old  monuments of Acropolis. A night to remember.
 Third day
  One day cruise to the islands of the Saronic Sea.
  07:15 departure from Hotel.
  You will visit “Poros”“Aegina” and “Hydra”. You will have the time to stroll around each  island’s harbor. Lunch, dinner, dance, inside the cruise ship.
 Fourth day
  10:00 Guided visit of the “Ancient Agora, the homonymous Museum and the temple of Hephaestus”, a well-  preserved Greek temple that remains standing largely as built.
  12:30 Offer yourself a light lunch in one of the taverns around the area of “Theseion”.
  14:00 Guided visit of the “Byzantine and Christian Museum”. Enter a different world.  Admire the exhibits of  the Museum, as well as the architecture of the buildings around  the main courtyard.
  Around 18:00 Transportation to “Cape Sounion – Temple of Poseidon” for a guided  tour. Admire the sun  setting in the Aegean sea, from the end corner of Attica. 
  Dinner in a typical Greek fish tavern by the sea.  
  Return to the Hotel around 22:30 hrs.  
 Fifth day
  09:00  Departure from Athens for a 5-day guided tour around central, east and south  Greek mainland. Please take with you all your belongings.
  Athens – Delphi.  Distance 180 km – trip duration approx. 2 hours and 30’.
  With evocative ruins surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery, “Delphi” is  surely the most beautiful ancient site in Greece. 
  Lunch at a restaurant of the area with local specialties.
  Delphi – Kalambaka. Distance 230 km – trip duration approx. 3 hours & 30’
  Check in at the hotel around 19:00, where, you can offer yourself dinner or just drinks.
 Sixth day
  09:30 Departure from hotel to visit “Meteora”  (see Video) Visually, Meteora is simply one of the  most startling attractions in Greece.
  Kalambaka  via Metsovo to Ioannina.  
  Distance 115 km – trip duration approx. 2 hours.
  Around 14:00 lunch in “Metsovo”, the traditional village on Mount Pindos (1.160  meters altitude) 
  Arrival in Ioannina around 18:00
  Check in at the Hotel.  Offer yourself a nice dinner in one of the many taverns of the  city.  
 Seventh day
  09:30 Sightseeing tour of the old city of “Ioannina” and the Fortress. Visit of the lake  “Pamvotis” with the famous “island of Ioannina”, the homonymous Museum and the  Monastery of Philanthropinos with the outstanding frescoes. 
  Small excursion to Ancient “Dodona” (distance 20 km-30’ drive), reputedly the oldest  Hellenic oracle, to admire the ancient amphitheatre. 
  Lunch at a local restaurant with traditional food.
  Rest of the day free for you to further explore the beauties of Ioannina or to visit the    Perama Cave only four kilometers away from the city. It closes at 17:00.
 Eighth day
  10:00 Departure from Ioannina via Messolonghi and the bridge of “Antirion” to  Olympia. Distance 340 km – trip duration 5 hours. 
  Half the way, we will stop for a short visit in “Messolonghi” the small village with the vast  history that Lord Byron loved and admired. 
  13:30 lunch with fresh fish, by the lagoon of Messolonghi.
  Arrival in Olympia around 18:00
  Check in at the Hotel, where you can offer yourself dinner or drinks.
 Ninth day
  09:00 Tour of the ruins of “Ancient Olympia” sanctuary and the stadium where the  Olympic Games  started, as well as the homonymous Museum
  Olympia via Mantinea, to Athens. Distance 270 km – trip duration approx. 4 hours and  30’.
  Half the way we will stop, at around 14:00, for a good buy lunch at the Domain  Spyropoulos. Enjoy the taste of varieties of really good  wine, directly from the cellars  of the winery.  
  On our way back to Athens, we will cross the “Corinth Canal” that connects the Gulf of  Corinth with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea 
  Arrival in Athens around 19:00. Check in at the hotel.
  Rest of the evening free.
 Tenth day
  Departure from the hotel, for El. Venizelos Athens Airport 3 hours before the  scheduled flight time of  departure.




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